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I'm back!

2013-01-02 21:36:24 by mangablade2

and now i'm a full time spriter, thanks to some good friends and better sprite sheets.

My video game ideas

2010-11-08 18:39:11 by mangablade2

my fellow sonic fans and gamers alike,

i am a gamer and i have some ideas about sonic, tails and there rest of the sonic characters in there respective games.
1. title: X /description: (based on tarnish's tails OTWTR and the anime linebarrels of iron) heartbroken over his beloved cosmo, tails armed with Knowledge, rocket shoes and a HUGE mech, rushes to take revenge on shadow and eggman.
2. title: sonic underground /description:(based on the cartoon, sonic underground)sonic after reuniting with his brother and sister go back to mobius to face a sinister new evil.
3. title: black rose /description: (an original idea)amy rose, big the cat and cream all are sucked into a portal causing drastic changes in there clothes and bodies and leaving them to face a darkness more powerful than any thing they had ever faced.

so if you think my ideas are good please post if not YOU MUST DIE (insert sound effects)